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Department of Graphic Design

Head of Department:Prof. Ayşegül İZER
Deputy-Head of Department :Assoc. Prof. Leyla Ersin Ekmekçiler
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Sinan Niyazioğlu
ECTS Coordination:Assistant Prof. Canan SUNER
Phone:0090-212 252 16 00 /265-266
Fax:0090-212 245 21 64

The department of graphic design, part of the university's faculty of fine arts, is a unit offering a four-year bachelor's degree education as well as postgraduate and profieciency in art programmes. In the education programme applied, you will find studies aiming to add creative elements to the visual language of graphic design. During this process of education, we raise candidates for the world of graphic design who have acquired knowledge and skill in their field, and who are able to communicate with the modern structure of today's world. In the education of graphic design, we teach the basic elements of graphic design and fine arts for the first two semesters, as the fine arts have a fundamental function in the field. The main axis of the 8 semester programme, the lessons of graphic design begin in the 3rd semester and are based upon the production of projects defined within a certain subject each semester.

The programme is built up as follows:
3. Semester / I. Workshop: Design of corporate identity
4. Semester / II. Workshop : Design of brand and product identity
5. Semester / III. Workshop: Publication design
6. Semester / IV. Workshop: Marketing communication design
7. Semester / V. Workshop: Environmental design and informative design

During these workshops lasting one semester each, an actual graphic design subject is chosen. Under the supervision of a member of staff, the students' creativity and knowledge are added to the effective use of visual language. During these projects, all elements of graphic design, such as logos, logotypes, printed material (letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, etc.), newspaper and magazine inserts, billboards, posters, brochures, packaging, catalogues, book and magazine design are treated, sketches prepared and originals printed. During the period of education, next to practical lessons such as computer, photography, illustration, typography, theoritical lessons such as art and design culture, design readings, and the history of graphic design help our student acquire skills and knowledge. During the final semester, our students prepare a diploma assignment in a subject parallel to one of the projects treated throughout the previous five semesters. If the project is successfully presented to a jury consisting of members of staff, the student is able to graduate.